Yacht Management Services









Full-Service Boatyards for Yachts

VALENCIA Marine Services SLU offers full-service boatyards for yachts such us, maintenance, repair, and overall care of yachts. Here are some common services provided by our company:

  1. Haul-Out and Launch: Haul out yachts from the water for maintenance, repair, or storage purposes. Yachts safely lift using travel lifts or hydraulic trailers and launch it back into the water when the work is complete.
  2. Bottom Painting and Anti-Fouling: B Performing bottom painting to protect the hull of the yacht from marine growth and fouling. Applying antifouling coatings that inhibit the growth of barnacles, algae, and other organisms, ensuring the hull remains clean and efficient.
  3. Routine Maintenance and Repairs: Providing a range of routine maintenance services, including engine servicing, electrical system checks, plumbing repairs, and general mechanical inspections, such us,  oil changes, filter replacements, and other regular maintenance tasks to keep the yacht in optimal condition.
  4. Fibreglass and Gel coat Repairs: We collaborate with skilled technicians who can repair and restore damaged fibreglass hulls, decks, or superstructures. They can also address gel coat issues such as cracks, chips, or fading, ensuring the yacht's aesthetics and structural integrity are maintained.
  5. Rigging Services: We collaborate with  experienced rigging specialists who can inspect, repair, or replace rigging components such as masts, standing rigging (shrouds and stays), and running rigging (halyards, sheets, and lines). They can also assist with rig tuning and adjustments.
  6. Painting and Refinishing: Painting and refinishing services for yachts, such as, hull painting, varnishing, or refinishing of interior and exterior surfaces. Our skilled painters and finishers can help restore the yacht's appearance or transform its aesthetics as per the owner's preferences.

  7. Electrical and Electronics Installations: Handling the installation, repair, or upgrade of electrical systems, navigation electronics, communication devices, and entertainment systems on the yacht. We collaborate with qualified marine electricians and technicians to ensure proper installation and integration.
  8. Storage and Winterization: Providing secure storage facilities for yachts, both in-water slips and on-land storage options. We can also offer winterization services to prepare the yacht for the off-season, including engine winterization, systems draining, and protective cover installation.
  9. Project Management: We provide project management services for larger refits, renovations, or upgrades. We coordinate various contractors, suppliers, and service providers to ensure the project runs smoothly and meets the owner's requirements and timeline.
  10. Concierge Services: We offer additional concierge services to assist yacht owners, such as fuelling services, provisioning assistance, crew coordination, and travel arrangements. These services can help streamline the yachting experience and make it more enjoyable for the owner and their guests.

Docking Care Services

We offer dockside care services for yachts focus on providing maintenance, cleaning, and other support services while the yacht is berthed at the dock. These services are designed to keep the yacht in good condition and ready for use at any time. Here are some of our  dockside care services for yachts:

  1. Cleaning and Detailing: Our dockside care services include regular cleaning and detailing of the yacht's exterior and interior. This can involve washing and waxing the hull, cleaning decks and superstructures, polishing metal surfaces, and cleaning windows and portholes. Interior cleaning may include vacuuming, dusting, sanitizing, and maintaining the overall cleanliness and presentation of the yacht.
  2. Regular Inspections: We can perform routine inspections while the yacht is at the dock. These inspections help identify any maintenance or repair needs, such as checking for leaks, assessing the condition of hoses and fittings, inspecting electrical systems, and ensuring proper functioning of equipment and systems on board.
  3. Mechanical and Engine Checks: Our dockside care services include regular checks of the yacht's mechanical systems and engines. This ensures that all systems are in good working order, including propulsion systems, generators, HVAC systems, pumps, and other machinery. Any issues or concerns can be addressed promptly, minimizing the risk of breakdowns when the yacht is in use.
  4. Electrical and Electronics Support: Our Company assists with the maintenance and troubleshooting of electrical systems and onboard electronics. This can include checking batteries, managing charging systems, ensuring proper operation of navigation equipment, communication devices, entertainment systems, and other electrical components.
  5. Provisioning and Supplies: Our dockside care services help with provisioning and managing supplies for the yacht. They can include the coordination of the delivery of fuel, water, and other necessary provisions to ensure the yacht is adequately stocked. Additionally, we assist with managing inventory, restocking provisions, and arranging for waste disposal.
  6. General Maintenance and Repairs: We can handle various maintenance tasks and minor repairs while the yacht is at the dock. This can include replacing light bulbs, repairing minor plumbing issues, addressing cosmetic damage, and performing routine maintenance tasks to keep the yacht in optimal condition.
  7. Project Coordination: If there are larger maintenance or repair projects required, our dockside care services can coordinate with qualified contractors and specialists. They can liaise with service providers to ensure the smooth execution of projects, such as engine overhauls, system upgrades, or interior renovations.
  8. Concierge Services: Our dockside care services include concierge services to assist with various aspects of yacht ownership. This can include arranging for guest services, coordinating dockage reservations, organizing transportation, booking restaurants or entertainment, and providing other personalized services as per the owner's requirements.

Super Yacht Services

VALENCIA Marine Services SLU offers super yacht management services. These services encompass a comprehensive range of support to ensure the efficient operation, maintenance, and enjoyment of super yachts. Here are some of our super yacht management services:

  1. Technical Management: We offer Superyacht management companies support for the technical aspects of the yacht, ensuring compliance with safety regulations, maintenance schedules, and technical operations. We manage routine maintenance, inspections, repairs, and refits, working closely with qualified technicians, engineers, and shipyards.
  2. Crew Management and Human Resources: Our Superyacht management services handle crew recruitment, selection, employment, training, and payroll. We ensure compliance with maritime labour regulations, handle crew contracts, and facilitate crew rotations and travel logistics.
  3. Financial and Administrative Management: We provide comprehensive financial and administrative support. Our experts can handle budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, and expense management for the yacht. We also assist with yacht insurance, flag state compliance, and regulatory matters.
  4. Charter Management: If the owner decides to charter the super yacht, we can carry out management services that can handle all aspects of charter operations. This includes marketing, booking management, itinerary planning, contract negotiation, and charter logistics. They ensure a seamless charter experience for the owner and guests while maximizing charter revenue.
  5. Operational Support: Our Company offers Superyacht management services for operational support to ensure smooth day-to-day yacht operations. This can include provisioning, fuel bunkering, itinerary planning, concierge services, guest services, and logistical coordination for maintenance, repairs, and refits.
  6. Safety and Security Management: The safety and security of the super yacht and its occupants are one of our management services. We support Superyacht management companies, which implement and oversee comprehensive safety and security protocols. Our auditors conduct risk assessments, coordinate security measures, ensure compliance with international safety standards, and manage emergency response procedures.
  7. Refit and Project Management: When a super yacht undergoes refits, renovations, or major projects, or the Company provides management services with project management support. They liaise with shipyards, designers, engineers, and contractors, ensuring the project is executed to the owner's specifications, timeline, and budget.
  8. Technical Support and 24/7 Emergency Assistance: Our Super yacht management services include technical support to address any technical or operational issues that may arise during the yacht's operation. We provide 24/7 emergency assistance, maintaining a network of trusted professionals who can promptly respond to emergencies.
  9. Environmental Compliance: we support Superyacht management companies focusing on environmental stewardship and sustainability. We can ensure compliance with environmental regulations, manage waste disposal, implement eco-friendly practices, and advise on technologies and initiatives to minimize the yacht's ecological footprint.
  10. Owner Representation: Our Superyacht management services include acting as the owner's representative, advocating for their best interests. We can handle negotiations, contracts, and relationships with third-party suppliers, service providers, and regulatory authorities, ensuring the owner's objectives are met.